Tuberose Vanilla Aroma Spotlight

We often get asked the question about the products in our Collection, “what do they smell like?”, which is completely understandable, especially when purchasing online. We will be spotlighting every collection on our blog, to try to give a better understanding and description of the aroma profile, why we formulated it the way we did, and based on experiences with traditional fragrances in the market, who is likely to enjoy the aroma.

This article focuses on Tuberose Vanilla, which we launched in 2020 and it has been a customer favorite ever since. Unlike most of our other collections, we chose to use only two aromas in this formula. Tuberose is such a complex + rare essential oil that it acts as the base, middle and bottom note all in one.


In case you are not familiar with the Tuberose flower and its scent, I can only describe it as a super-fragrant floral note that makes its presence known no matter what. It's a white flower, like jasmine, orange blossom, and gardenia, that smells creamy, powdery, and slightly musky, as opposed to fresh or fruity like other types of florals. I personally find it incredibly sultry and sophisticated.

Tuberose is a flower symbolic of wild pleasures or primordial passion because of its seductive fragrance. For the Victorians, Tuberose symbolized ‘dangerous pleasure’ and voluptuousness. In different parts of the world, Tuberose is known for its aphrodisiac powers. In folklore, it is said that young, unmarried girls in India were forbidden to inhale Tuberose's sweet, sultry floral perfume after dark for fear it would stoke carnal desires and put them in the mood for love.

We harvest our Tuberose in India using the more costly and time-honored method of Enfleurage. Enfleurage is a complex, cold pressed method that extracts the orange-golden brown, deeply rich fragrant oil while leaving it truly reminiscent and characteristic of the perfume of the living flower (versus using the solvent extraction which can distort the aroma and add unnatural chemicals to the formula). 


Our organically crafted Vanilla is extracted from the dried bean pods of the bourbon Vanilla planifolia, originating from Madagascar. Our beautiful Vanilla has a deep, sweet, warm, rich aroma, with caramel and chocolate-like nuances, and deep balsamic undertones.

Bourbon Vanilla is a specific term applied to Vanilla planifolia plants growing on the Indian Ocean Islands. Its fragrance is one of universal appeal as is its influence on the emotions: it invites sensuality, relaxes inhibitions, and dissolves anger and frustration. Vanilla Absolute is used as a base note to smooth rough edges and warm floral blend notes in natural perfumery.


Tuberose Vanilla may initially strike you as a relatively sweet, super feminine, floral aroma, but the magic of this aroma happens once it settles on your skin. The complexity of Tuberose comes through with its musky, sexy notes and the warmth and richness of vanilla combine to offer a deeply rich white floral aroma with balsamic like undertones of chocolate and caramel, that make their subtle presence known. While Tuberose is the dominating aroma in the formula, certainly as a top note, our warm and exquisite vanilla comes out once settled on the skin, to add a bit of warmth to the powerful note of Tuberose.

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