The Secret to Beautiful Skin...Healthy Bacteria

What most companies call soap is really a chemical concoction that strips away dirt - and everything else with it…including your skin’s microbiome. So why is this bad? 

Microbiome is an ecosystem of bacteria on the skin's surface. It works to guard you against pathogens that could affect your skin and overall health. When your microbiome is balanced, your skin looks and feels healthy. However, it can become unbalanced when there's more harmful bacteria than helpful bacteria, leading to a variety of issues that can affect the health of your skin and your over-all health and well-being. 

Your skin is your largest organ, and a balanced, healthy microbiome is crucial to your health.

When your skin's protective barrier is compromised and the microbiome becomes unbalanced, it can make skin vulnerable to a variety of issues. And most personal care products strip away your good bacteria…leaving your largest organ compromised. 

How can you keep your microbiome balanced and healthy? Here are a few easy to implement tips:

  • It is crucial that you use personal care products that do not disrupt your skin’s healthy bacteria. All Carter + Jane products are microbiome friendly and will not strip away your good bacteria.
  • Stop over washing, over peeling and over “treating” your skin. We talk a lot about our disdain over these crazy “10 step skincare regimens”. They are a waste of money and are causing far more harm than good. Your skin only needs to be gently cleansed and occasionally lightly exfoliated. If you keep your cleansing to a minimum (using microbiome friendly cleanser), your skin’s healthy microbiome will THRIVE. Healthy microbiome is the most important factor to have beautiful, glowing skin. This is the reason we always recommend using oil as your “everything”. Use The Everything Oil™ to create a barrier on the top layer of your skin, allowing your natural oils and good bacteria, along with the nutrients in our organic oil, to work their magic!
  • If your gut is out of whack, your skin will also suffer. Take a daily probiotic and eat fermented foods. Also do your best to keep your sugar intake to a minimum.

  • Avoid antibiotic overuse. Although it is occasionally necessary to take antibiotics to combat bacterial infections, overuse is a significant public health concern that can lead to antibiotic resistance. Antibiotics are also damaging to the gut microbiota and immunity, with some researchers reporting that even 6 months after their use, the gut still lacks several species of beneficial bacteria. And if you do have to take them, make sure you are taking your probiotics religiously!

There’s a whole lot that researchers still need to discover about the microbiome/health connection. But many in the scientific community suspect the microbiome is far more important to our health than we can possibly fathom…