The C+J Facial Blockbuster

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THE C+J FACIAL BLOCKBUSTER features everything you need, day and night, to make the complete to change to Carter + Jane...all at nearly 60% off the MSRP and includes: The Everything Oil™ 30 mL (MSRP $128) + Sleep Repair Mask (MSRP $98) + Mulberry Silk Eye Mask (MSRP $28) + The Everything Oil Neroli № 18 Cleanser (MSRP $48) + The Everything Tool (MSRP $298) + Clean Conduct Gel (MSRP $28) ...all for just $248 (MSRP $628). 

THE EVERYTHING OIL 1 oz/30 mL (packaged in a glass dropper bottle)

The Everything Oil™ is a revolutionary skin care product that replaces all other products in your skincare routine (use as your eye, face, lip, neck & décolletage serum and moisturizer, both day & night). *We highly recommend the use of sunscreen following a.m. application of the oil. 

Made with 100% USDA certified organic, sustainably-sourced, high-purity, cold pressed Moroccan prickly pear seed oil, our proprietary A3 Concentrate™, The Everything Oil™ benefits everyone…all ages, all genders, all skin types. 

Made with certified organic and naturally derived vegan ingredients: *Moroccan prickly pear seed oil + *A3 Concentrate™ (*avocado oil + *sweet almond oil + *aloe vera) 

SLEEP REPAIR MASK 1 oz/30 mL (packaged in a glass dropper bottle)

The Everything Oil™ Sleep Repair Mask features the game changing ingredient Bakuchiol (10%), which has been shown in clinical studies to be as effective as retinol but without the negative and toxic side effects.  

Made with certified organic and naturally derived ingredients: 
*Turkish pomegranate seed oil + *Moroccan prickly pear seed oil + Indian bakuchiol + *Bulgarian lavender essential oil 


C+J Mulberry Silk Sleep Eye Masks are beautifully designed and a must-have sleep essential.

NEROLI № 18 OIL CLEANSER 4 oz/120 mL (packaged in a glass pump bottle)

The Everything Oil™ Neroli № 18 Oil Cleanser is based on the principle that ‘like dissolves like’. Our organic, plant-based cleansing oil will dissolve excess oil, dirt and make-up, while still nurturing the skin and balancing the production of your own natural oil. Our oil cleanser uses a mixture of light yet powerful cleansing oils, to provide a comprehensive cleansing and nourishing experience, without leaving your cleansed skin feeling too oily or too dry.

Made with certified-organic and naturally derived vegan ingredients: MCT oil (caprylic/capric triglyceride) + *sesame seed oil + olive squalene + *Himalayan moringa seed oil + *Moroccan prickly pear seed oil + *Moroccan neroli essential oil + *sweet orange essential oil + *bergamot essential oil + *ylang ylang essential oil + *frankincense essential oil


The Everything Tool™ is an innovative, patented tool took us years to develop, but just like our original product, The Everything Oil™, we knew we could help simplify your routine, save you time and improve your skin, in a safe and healthy way. But this time, instead of turning to nature, we turned to the best engineers in tech to make it happen.

The Everything Tool™ is designed to be the only tool you need, with 6 unique modes designed to handle all of your skin needs.

Ionic Cleansing + Micro-current under-eye care + Moisture Infusion + EMS (electric muscle stimulation) lifting toning + RF (radio frequency) anti-aging red light therapy + Anti-inflammation blue light/cryotherapy


 Clean Conduct™ is a clean, all-natural, anti-aging, leave-on conductive gel that blends plant-based hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, silk amino acids (from the silk cocoon)  and non-nano zinc oxide, to treat the skin while stimulating and increasing the flow of the current.

Clean Conduct™ is made from non-toxic, non-GMO, cruelty-free ingredients, and is packaged in a recyclable, 2 oz white glass pump bottle. 

The Ingredients
Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Silk Amino Acids, Zinc (non-nano), Glycerin, Carbomer, Honeysuckle Extract, Phenoxyethanol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice 

**We use in-season and freshly cold-pressed organic oil. Because of this, aroma may vary slightly from bottle to bottle.

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