The Everything Oil™ Sleep Repair Mask

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The Everything Oil™ Sleep Repair Mask features the game changing ingredient Bakuchiol (10%), which has been shown in clinical studies to be as effective as retinol but without the negative and toxic side effects. 

We took the power of The Everything Oil™ and blended it with organic pomegranate seed oil, organic Bulgarian lavender oil, and added cold-pressed Bakuchiol, at a 10% concentration, to create the most powerful, natural and effective anti-aging sleep mask on the market! Combining these powerhouse ingredients allows even the most sensitive skin to experience waking up with hydrated, even-toned, plump, bright and glowing skin with a visible reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

As we age, our skin cell growth slows down which can tend to leave our complexion looking dull, making fine lines and wrinkles look deeper. Bakuchiol helps to speed up cell turnover creating room for new, healthy skin cells to come to the top which gives us fresher, younger-looking, happy skin.

And though we know traditional retinols are effective, did you know they also can create a myriad of serious health issues? Too much preformed vitamin A, including retinol, retinyl palmitate, retinyl acetate and retinyl linoleate, can cause a variety of health problems, including liver damage, brittle nails, hair loss, and osteoporosis and hip fractures in older adults. We are so happy to offer you a safe and effective retinol alternative!!!

Made with certified organic and naturally derived vegan ingredients: organic pomegranate seed oil + organic prickly pear seed oil + cold-pressed bakuchiol + organic Bulgarian lavender + a pinch of A3 Concentrate (blend of organic sweet almond, avocado and aloe oils)

Apply several drops to palms and press on cleansed face, neck and décolletage. Leave on overnight as a luxury treatment mask. For best results, use every evening at bedtime. Use this in place of The Everything Oil™ at night. *Bakuchiol is not a traditional retinol, rather a plant-based alternative, and works differently on the skin. To see a marked difference in your skin, we ask that you use the product continuously for a minimum of 6 weeks. 

Customer Reviews

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The Everything Oil™ Sleep Repair Mask

Luxurious, easy & miraculous

I was already a fan of the Everything Oil, and since I introduced the Sleep Repair Mask, I have eliminated my spendy glycolic treatment and my lines are melting away. I love every product I've tried and the women are amazing humans! Just do it.

LOVE the Carter+Jane Sleep Repair Mask

I love everything about this nighttime serum, from the texture, to the coverage to the lovely fragrance. The oil goes on so nicely, it's so easy to apply and the lavender scent is an added bonus as it is perfect for helping me fall asleep! I have noticed a difference in my skin - it looks and feels smoother and the texture looks more even. Between The Everything Oil and The Sleep Repair Mask, my skincare routine is solid! Thank you Carter+Jane for this amazing product. I love it!

Heavenly retreat for your skin

I am so pleased with this product - the scent is a perfect blend of herb and lavender. My face soaks it up and I wake up the next morning with perfectly hydrated skin. Treat yourself to at at home spa with this awesome product! Thank you!

Truly repairs

After just a few weeks of use I saw my crowsfeet and bags melt away. Thanks carter and Jane!