Neroli № 18 Oil Butter™

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Carter + Jane’s Neroli № 18 Oil Butter™ provides both instant and 24-hour relief and radiant glow to dry, rough, or irritated skin. Packed with highly potent vitamin-infused butters and soothing organic oils, this luxuriously rich, water-free balm, melts into your skin, activating its beautiful aroma and skin-protecting properties.

Our Oil Butter™ is so different from just about any other "butter" on the market today, primarily because of our very unique formulating + manufacturing process. It is a waterless formula (only organic + natural oils are found in our butter) and we developed a proprietary heatless manufacturing process to retain all the amazing vitamins + nutrients (we make all of our products in-house). This is pretty much unheard of in the beauty industry, as it is significantly more time-consuming and complex, but to make the absolute best product we simply saw no other option, so we figured it out!

"Neroli № 18 takes you on a journey inside Carter + Jane…to the aroma where it all began. It took us 267 attempts to get this one right…but once we did, we knew we created something special! We had a very specific place in Morocco that inspired our signature scent, that we accidentally found while driving in the countryside. We saw a sign to an orange “farm” and restaurant…we knew we had to stop….and as soon as we did, we knew we had to bottle that unforgettable aroma that floated through the warm Moroccan air..."

NEROLI № 18 Oil Butter™ comes in a recyclable white 4 oz/120 mL jar.

+ Reduces visible redness and irritation
+ Protects skin lipid barrier from extreme or dry weather
+ Seals in moisture
+ Offers 24+ hours of hydration and protection
+ Calms and soothes skin
+ Clean Formula - 100% naturally derived and certified organic vegan ingredients
+ Prevents windburn
+ Smooths away dehydration lines
+ Relieves crepiness and surface dehydration
+ Suitable for eczema and irritation
+ Ideal for the entire body including hands, neck, chest, elbows or any dry patches

Made with certified-organic and naturally derived vegan ingredients: *shea butter + soy butter + *prickly pear seed oil + *moringa seed oil + *baobab seed oil + *neroli + *sweet orange + *bergamot + *ylang ylang + *frankincense 

For 24+ hours of deep hydration, warm in your hands and apply all over your body. Neroli № 18 Oil Butter™ is extremely concentrated so start with a small amount and add more as needed. Neroli № 18 Oil Butter™ is not recommended for use on face, unless being used to prevent windburn.

Customer Reviews

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Great for hydration but the smell :(

I love this quality of this oil butter but the smell isn't something I can get past. Just not my scent and it actually turns me off. Scent sparks my creativity and sensuality, but this oil butter unfortunately blocks those emotions and sensations for me. Super bummed.


I am in love.

Oil Butter

I absolutely love this product! I never want to be without it.

Feels incredible!

I cannot say enough about how amazing my skin feels. I struggle with dehydration and the oil butter is a game changer.

That said, I'm not a fan of the scent. I love Neroli and all the other ingredients, except for ylang ylang, which I dislike intently. I bought this hoping that the ylang ylang would be barely noticeable, but it's super noticeable (at least to me). I'll figure out a way to layer something on top to help with that because I really want to benefit from this product!

Heaven in a Jar

I literally just used it once and it’s so dreamy! Yes this is a pricey body cream, but to me it is totally worth it. It’s better than my lotions/creams I currently have. I used this after my bath and the body oil. I don’t know how the girls did it, but it’s so fluffy and melts right into the skin with little effort. Such a wonderful new product to try out and have