The Everything Tool™ AS-IS

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We are selling the remaining inventory of The Everything Tool™ AS-IS for only $59 as we are working on the next generation.

This batch of tools have a lower level of EMS. The rest of the settings work perfectly. 

You will also receive Clean Conduct Gel for free with purchase. No need to add Clean Conduct to your cart; it will be automatically added to your order when shipped. 

The Everything Tool™ is an innovative, patented tool took us years to develop, but just like our original product, The Everything Oil™, we knew we could help simplify your routine, save you time and improve your skin, in a safe and healthy way. But this time, instead of turning to nature, we turned to the best engineers in tech to make it happen.

The Everything Tool™ is designed to be the only tool you need, with 6 unique modes designed to handle all of your skin needs.

Ionic Cleansing + Micro-current under-eye care + Moisture Infusion + EMS (electric muscle stimulation) lifting toning + RF (radio frequency) anti-aging red light therapy + Anti-inflammation blue light/cryotherapy

"CLEAN" MODE: Dirt can be hidden deep in the cortex of the skin and it is hard eliminate with traditional cleansing products. Dirt in the skin is negatively electrostatically charged. When the positive ion "clean" mode is activated, the magnetic head generates powerful positive ions, which attract the dirt. This softens the structures around the dirt by exerting electrostatic pressure. The dirt is then pulled from the lower layers of the skin and comes to the surface where it can be removed with cotton and cleanser.

"EYE CARE" MODE: Gentle micro-current and thermal technology is used to tighten and smooth connective tissues in the under-eye area by increasing cellular activity.

"MOISTURE" MODE: Thermal and ionic technology is used to create temporary pore dilation to improve absorbency of skincare products.


"EMS UP" MODE: EMS (Electronic Muscle Stimulation) lifts, firms and contours muscles, which are attached to your skin. This provides a visible lift, reduces sagging and enhances elasticity.

"RF RED LIGHT" MODE: RF (Radio Frequency) therapy uses low energy radiation to heat the deep layer of your skin, the dermis. This heat stimulates the production of collagen to help improve signs of wrinkles and sagging skin. Red Light Therapy also increases your natural collagen production and has been shown to improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

"COOL" MODE: Blue LED light reduces activity in the sebaceous glands, so they produce less of the oil that can plug the hair follicles, leading to acne. Blue light may also kill acne-causing bacteria known as Cutibacterium acne. Cold therapy is used to slow down inflammation and minimize skin pores. Thermal and ionic technology is used to create temporary pore dilation to improve absorbency of skincare products.

TIPS: We recommend using the tool daily for the first week and a minimum of 2-3X a week thereafter; though it is safe for daily use. You may not "feel" anything while using the device. We are using state-of- the-art technology that works on a deeper layer of your skin. Because of this, it will take several weeks to start to see results...but once you start to see them...we have full confidence you will be thrilled!

You can pick and choose which "mode" you want to use depending on your skin needs. We highly recommend using every mode daily for the first week and at least 2-3X a week thereafter, for best results.

CHARGING INSTRCTIONS: Remove the protective film covering the silver electrode side of The Everything Tool™. Charge in charging base before use. Charging light will flash while charging and turn static when charged.

LED SCREEN POWER BUTTON INSTRUCTIONS: Press the mode/power button and hold for 3 seconds to turn on. Device will automatically start on the clean mode. To change modes, press the mode button until the specific mode you want shows on the screen. In the clean, moisture and EMS up modes, you can adjust the intensity by pressing the level button. Turn off by holding the mode/power button for 3 seconds.

GENERAL USE INSTRUCTIONS: The Everything Tool™ should always be used while gliding over skin, (always in a upward motion) but never static. The only exception is in the "cool" mode where you may hold on specific areas of inflammation. Wipe with a clean wet, then dry cloth, after each use. The device is not waterproof and should never be submerged.

SAFTEY: Do not use in the EMS mode, and check with your doctor about using the RF mode, while pregnant or nursing or if you have metal implants.  The Everything Tool™ should only be used while gliding over skin, (always in a upward motion) but never static. The only exception is in the "cool" mode where you may hold on specific areas of inflammation. Avoid using the RF Red Light Mode on or around your eye-area.



1. What kind of Radio Frequency do you use?

Our RF is multi-polar and the frequency is 1 MHZ.

2. What kind of micro-current do you use?

We use both micro-current therapy and EMS to help strengthen and tone the facial muscles. The EMS current is below 10mA.

3. How many LED lights are in your device?

The device has 26 LEDS. 13 are red (610-650mm) and 13 are blue (450-480mm).

4. Can I use your device if pregnant or nursing?

It is not recommend to use micro-current or EMS if pregnant or nursing. There are no known side-effects to using this type/level of RF while pregnant or nursing, but we still recommend checking with your physician to be safe. 

5. What kind of cotton do you recommend?

Any type of cotton will work, though we prefer organic cotton. Katie gives her recommendations for cotton in the how to use video above. 

6. What kind of conductive gel do you recommend?

We recommend our Clean Conduct gel. We will send you a sample with your tool to get you started.

7. What is your return policy and warranty?

The Everything Tool™ Returns & Warranty

Carter + Jane manufactures within Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Every device is subjected to rigorous design, manufacture, inspection and test procedures to ensure it meets our exact specifications.

If you are not completely satisfied with your product, please follow our warranty & return policy below:

Returns & Refund Policy

Carter + Jane devices and attachments can be returned within 30-days of purchase.

If you received your product damaged during shipping, please save the damaged box and product(s) and initiate a return below.

We are only able to issue refunds for Carter + Jane products purchased directly from If purchased from another retailer, please contact them directly for information on their return policy.

Warranty Policy

Carter + Jane will replace authentic devices and attachments eligible for warranty service with merchandise of equal or better quality. Every new device includes a 30-day money-back guarantee and a one (1) year warranty covering any manufacturer related problems resulting from everyday use of the product. This warranty is void if the product has been subject to an accident, misuse, abuse improper maintenance or repair, unauthorized modification, or any other use not found in the printed instructions.

Initiate a Return or Warranty Replacement

Please email us at to initiate a return or warranty replacement.

Should you have additional questions please email us at:




We are located in the United States. We usually ship within 3 business days. Domestic shipping is complimentary.

International Shipping
We happily ship to international destinations. Please note that Carter + Jane is not responsible for your destination country’s tariffs, duties or shipping delays due to customs issues. It is highly recommended that you research your country’s local import policies prior to placing your order. We are unable to provide returns/refunds due to customs’ delays, holds, taxes or fees. We are diligently working to add additional international retailers to our family to alleviate international shipping challenges.

Didn't Receive an order that says it was delivered 
My order says received but it was never delivered? Please double check that the shipping address you used matches your location. If so, check with your neighbors to make sure someone near you didn’t receive your package by mistake. Once the product leaves our warehouse, it is in the hands of shipping carrier (which is typically USPS). Please make every effort to work with USPS to find your package. In the event it cannot be located, please contact us at

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