Neroli № 18 Butter Bundle

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"Neroli № 18 takes you on a journey inside Carter + Jane…to the aroma where it all began. It took us 267 attempts to get this one right…but once we did, we knew we created something special! We had a very specific place in Morocco that inspired our signature scent, that we accidentally found while driving in the countryside. We saw a sign to an orange “farm” and restaurant…we  knew we had to stop….and as soon as we did, we knew we had to bottle that unforgettable aroma that floated through the warm Moroccan air..."

We are offering a limited-edition Neroli № 18 Oil Butter™,  The Everything Oil™ Body in Neroli № 18 and our organic Neroli № 18 aroma, for just $98 ($128 MSRP). 

NEROLI № 18 Oil Butter™ (4 oz/120 mL jar)

Carter + Jane’s Neroli № 18 Oil Butter™ provides both instant and 24-hour relief and radiant glow to dry, rough, or irritated skin. Packed with highly potent vitamin-infused butters and soothing organic oils, this luxuriously rich, water-free balm, melts into your skin, activating its beautiful aroma and skin-protecting properties.

Our Oil Butter™ is so different from just about any other "butter" on the market today, primarily because of our very unique formulating + manufacturing process. It is a waterless formula (only organic + natural oils are found in our butter) and we developed a proprietary heatless manufacturing process to retain all the amazing vitamins + nutrients (we make all of our products in-house). This is pretty much unheard of in the beauty industry, as it is significantly more time-consuming and complex, but to make the absolute best product we simply saw no other option, so we figured it out!

+ Reduces visible redness and irritation
+ Protects skin lipid barrier from extreme or dry weather
+ Seals in moisture
+ Offers 24+ hours of hydration and protection
+ Calms and soothes skin
+ Clean Formula - 100% naturally derived and certified organic vegan ingredients
+ Prevents windburn
+ Smooths away dehydration lines
+ Relieves crepiness and surface dehydration
+ Suitable for eczema and irritation
+ Ideal for the entire body including hands, neck, chest, elbows or any dry patches

Made with certified-organic and naturally derived vegan ingredients: *shea butter + soy butter + *prickly pear seed oil + *moringa seed oil + *baobab seed oil + *neroli + *sweet orange + *bergamot + *ylang ylang + *frankincense 

For 24+ hours of deep hydration, warm in your hands and apply all over your body. Neroli № 18 Oil Butter™ is extremely concentrated so start with a small amount and add more as needed. Neroli № 18 Oil Butter™ is not recommended for use on face, unless being used to prevent windburn.

NEROLI № 18 Body (120 mL/4 oz dropper bottle)

The Everything Oil™ Neroli № 18 Body is a revolutionary skin care product that replaces the need to use body moisturizers, serums, cellulite creams and even fragrance. You can also use it as a hair oil to add a glossy shine! Our body oil uses all of the same ingredients as the original TEO, but adds in Baobab and Moringa seed oil, known for their amazing healing properties, as well as a beautiful mix of organic essentials oil. This body oil replaces body moisturizers, serums, cellulite creams and even fragrance. And the smell…something dreams are made of…

+ Anti-oxidant protection
+ Diminishes the look of aging skin
+ Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties
+ Relieves and hydrates dry skin
+ Softens skin
+ Improves cell turnover + elasticity + tone
+ Boosts collagen production
+ Reduces the appearance of body blemishes
+ Gives a luminous glow to all skin types

Made with certified organic and naturally derived vegan ingredients: *sunflower seed oil + *prickly pear seed oil + *baobab seed oil + *moringa seed oil + *avocado oil + *sweet almond oil + *aloe + neroli + *sweet orange + *bergamot + *ylang ylang + *frankincense

Use one full pump daily after shower/bath or anytime your skin needs extra hydration. The Everything Oil™ Body is face-grade so it can also be used on your face and in your hair for extra shine and gloss.

NEROLI № 18 Organic Aroma (5mL glass rollerball bottle)
Top notes: Neroli, Sweet Orange
Middle notes: Ylang Ylang, Bergamot
Base note: Frankincense

We know how important aroma is in helping us remember stories from our past, connecting us to nature, making us feel at home wherever we are and helping us feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. 

Yet most of us wear toxic perfumes that can cause allergies and even endocrine issues...these fragrances are even masking our own ability to literally stop and smell the roses...

Our mission at Carter + Jane is to create products that never harm people, the planet or animals. We are proud of the work that we've done (and will continue to do) in skin care and from the work we've developed a deep understanding of organic essential oils. We've blended our passion for skin care, with our love of natural aromas, into our line of beautiful scent journeys! All aromas are handcrafted in the USA and are made of organic essential oils blended with organic grape seed oil.

Made with certified organic and naturally derived vegan ingredients: *grape seed oil + *vitamin e oil + *neroli + *sweet orange + *bergamot + *ylang ylang + *frankincense

Apply to your pulse points any time you need a pick-me-up. In several of our formulas, you may see sediment at the bottom. This is normal as we only use organic ingredients; shake as needed.

*We use in-season and freshly cold-pressed organic oil. Because of this, aroma may vary slightly from bottle to bottle. 

The Everything Oil™ Neroli № 18 Collection is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, cold-pressed, organic and formulated without water, alcohol or silicone.


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Great products

I love my Carter and Jane body butter and everything skin feels soft, smooth and moisturized and the scent is really interesting and smells exotic


Neroli № 18 Butter Bundle


I am in love with this product. Keeps my skin silky soft even with this dry winter weather. Smells amazing. I get comments all the time now asking me what lotion I'm using ;)