Lilac Snow Oil Butter™

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Carter + Jane’s Lilac Snow Oil Butter™ provides both instant and 24-hour relief and radiant glow to dry, rough, or irritated skin. Packed with highly potent vitamin-infused butters and soothing organic oils, this luxuriously rich, water-free balm, melts into your skin, activating its beautiful aroma and skin-protecting properties.

Our Oil Butter™ is so different from just about any other "butter" on the market today, primarily because of our very unique formulating + manufacturing process. It is a waterless formula (only organic + natural oils are found in our butter) and we developed a proprietary heatless manufacturing process to retain all the amazing vitamins + nutrients (we make all of our products in-house). This is pretty much unheard of in the beauty industry, as it is significantly more time-consuming and complex, but to make the absolute best product we simply saw no other option, so we figured it out!

"For one brief moment in time, the lilac is blooming, an exhilarating burst of vitality and an almost overwhelming aromatic experience. Just as quickly, that moment is gone, leaving only a fragrant trace in our memory. But as the snow falls…the lilac thrives…she sheds her façade and reveals her truth…the love story begins…"

Lilac Snow was a passion project for us, as we both LOVE lilac and went on a mission to find authentic Lilac Absolute Oil, which is extremely rare and very challenging to find. Our search took us to a very small farm in Bulgaria, where everything is hand-crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. We can't promise to have this aroma available forever...but we can promise that if you love lilacs like we prepared to fall in love with Lilac Snow!

Lilac Snow Oil Butter™ comes in a recyclable 4 oz/120 mL white jar.

+ Reduces visible redness and irritation
+ Protects skin lipid barrier from extreme or dry weather
+ Seals in moisture
+ Offers 24+ hours of hydration and protection
+ Calms and soothes skin
+ Clean Formula - 100% naturally derived and certified organic vegan ingredients
+ Prevents windburn
+ Smooths away dehydration lines
+ Relieves crepiness and surface dehydration
+ Suitable for eczema and irritation
+ Ideal for the entire body including hands, neck, chest, elbows or any dry patches

Made with certified-organic and naturally derived vegan ingredients: *shea butter + soy butter + *prickly pear seed oil + *moringa seed oil + *baobab seed oil  + Bulgarian lilac absolute + jasmine grandiflorum absolute + *Egyptian myrrh + *juniper berry + *bergamot

For 24+ hours of deep hydration, warm in your hands and apply all over your body. Lilac Snow Oil Butter™ is extremely concentrated so start with a small amount and add more as needed. Lilac Snow Oil Butter™ is not recommended for use on face, unless being used to prevent windburn.

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Sensitive Skin Loves This

I have weirdly sensitive skin. Most creams make me itch, which is counterproductive. My feet have resembled alligator hide for too long, and with all the COVID hand washing, my hands are drier than dry. Enter Lilac Snow Butter - second day or rubbing it onto my feet and wearing comfy socks and they're already approaching normalcy. I like that the scent is quite subtle, too. The whole body will get treated this weekend, and I'll come back to try another scent. Wonderful stuff!