Lavender Chai Body

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"Lavender Chai takes you on a journey home…to a place where the minute you walk in the door, you are overcome with a sense of peace and a place where you dance like nobody's watching...curl up on the couch with a warm cup of Chai or enjoy a glass of bubbly because it’s five o’clock somewhere...completely free to just be you…"

The Everything Oil™ Lavender Chai Body is a revolutionary skin care product that replaces the need to use body moisturizers, serums, cellulite creams and even fragrance. You can also use it as a hair oil to add a glossy shine!

Lavender Chai Body comes in a 4 oz/120 mL glass dropper bottle.

+ Anti-oxidant protection
+ Diminishes the look of aging skin
+ Anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties
+ Relieves and hydrates dry skin
+ Softens skin
+ Improves cell turnover + elasticity + tone
+ Boosts collagen production
+ Reduces the appearance of body blemishes 
+ Gives a luminous glow to all skin types

Made with certified organic and naturally derived vegan ingredients: *sunflower seed oil + jojoba oil + *prickly pear seed oil + *baobab seed oil + *moringa seed oil + *Bulgarian lavender + vanilla + *cinnamon leaf + *star anise + *cardamom + *ginger 

Use a full dropper daily after shower/bath or anytime your skin needs extra hydration. The Everything Oil™ Body is face-grade so it can also be used on your face and in your hair for extra shine and gloss.

**We use in-season and freshly cold-pressed organic oil. Because of this, aroma may vary slightly from bottle to bottle. 

The Everything Oil™ Lavender Chai Collection is vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, cold-pressed, non-GMO and formulated without water, alcohol or silicone.

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To start with, for the record, I have been cleansing and moisturizing both my face and body with Aveeno, Neutrogena, and CeraVe (this last brand I still use for lotion and face cream) for 12 years now. I have also been sugaring my body hair myself for 6 years, and exfoliating twice a week for 7. Despite all this effort, I still have had sensitive, exczema-prone, hyperkeratinized, naturally dry skin, and on top of THAT, I live in one of the coldest and snowiest parts of the US. (For reference, an esthetician told me a few years ago I had the skin of a "chemotherapy patient," and no, I have never in my life had cancer or undergone chemotherapy, and yes, that was when I had been exfoliating for 3 years and moisturizing 8 years at that point.) My partner is also allergic to scented stuff (so no perfume or candles in my house!), so I have to be very careful with the products I choose. I am not wealthy, and this is by far the most expensive skincare product I have ever purchased (not sure I have ever bought any self-care item above $30 before!) I took the plunge because I also struggle with excorciation (compulsive skin-picking disorder) and frequently pick my feet, scalp, neck, and calves until they bleed and scab and scar. I wanted something that would actually hydrate my skin long enough and powerfully enough to make it difficult for me to pick. I got here by deciding to try PickFix, and threw this in my order to see if it could help actually PREVENT my picking, not just treat it afterwards.

This body oil is literally life-changing for me. The smell is light but delicious, the oil absorbs into your skin very quickly (so you don't feel greasy for long), and my skin looks and feels completely different. I am a daily nighttime shower-er, so I put it on after my shower and right before bed, and when I wake up, I can still smell it very subtly on my skin, but not enough to bother my partner. My skin feels incredibly soft and without a SINGLE dry patch in sight. Within a week of daily use, my leg and neck picking has completely stopped--because there is nothing rough enough, dry enough, or ingrown enough to pick! (I still struggle with my feet and scalp, but I have the PickFix for those, and it is a work in progress.) My self-esteem has increased trememdously finally feeling like I have soft, smooth, hydrated and visibly brighter/clearer skin.

I have become so inspired by this product I took the plunge on the face oil, sleep mask and more scents of this body oil. I also pick my face, and want to be able to put some oil on it beyond PickFix. Again, I am not wealthy. This stuff is expensive. I do wish it was a little cheaper. But spending $10-$25 a pop on creams, toners, serums and oils (I'm looking at you, Neutrogena Light Sesame Oil) has helped, certainly--but has never really done the trick, to the point where in previous winters, I have slathered myself with solid coconut oil just to not look like a shedding lizard at work on a daily basis because all those other lotions and oils weren't cutting it. We're in a bad storm as I write this and my skin looks like it's the middle of summer, and I'm a normal person with beautiful skin.

Very happy, and surprised, and relieved. And hoping none of my family reads this so they can be shocked when they start getting this from me on every holiday.