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Introducing SCALPFIX™ by Carter + Jane, the ground-breaking healthy + effective dry shampoo alternative

Scalp is skin. Scalp health = hair health. It’s time to ditch the dry shampoo once and for all! Introducing Scalpfix™, our ground-breaking healthy + effective dry shampoo alternative! Made with love by Carter + Jane, the results-driven organic skincare experts.

Scalpfix™ can be used as a healthy, more effective alternative to dry shampoo. It is also great for skin/scalp/hair pickers and pullers to soothe and nourish any problem areas on your scalp. Scalpfix™ is so gentle (yet effective) it can even be used as a skin toner/refresher. 

Scalpfix™ is packaged in a glass 4 oz 120 mL spray bottle.


Dry shampoo doesn’t clean your hair: Dry Shampoo isn’t shampoo at all. The sprayed- or sprinkled-on starch and alcohol product absorbs the oil in your hair, making it less noticeable. It does not remove oil and dirt the way a wash with shampoo and water will.

Scalpfix™ gently cleanses your scalp and refreshes your hair. Instead of artificially giving the feeling of clean hair with oil absorption, Scalpfix™ helps to remove the excess oil without drying out your scalp and hair. The perfect in-between shampoo alternative!

Overuse of dry shampoo can clog hair follicles Using dry shampoo too often or leaving it in your hair for prolonged periods without washing it out can lead to a buildup of the product on your scalp. An accumulation of styling products can make your scalp itch and flake. It’s possible the buildup could also lead to folliculitis.This is a bacterial or fungal infection in the hair follicle. 

This is an issue for so many reasons. Especially for those of you who struggle with Trichotillomania and skin picking. Your already sensitive scalp needs extra attention to ensure you stay infection-free. Scalpfix™ was developed for you in mind. Not only to give you a healthy dry shampoo alternative, but to give you a product that can help soothe your scalp after picking/pulling.

Infrequent hair-washing can cause dandruff and scaly skin: While there aren’t any studies that indicate dry shampoo directly causes dandruff, doctors at the Mayo Clinic say an overly oily scalp can cause dandruff. So, if you’re leaving dry shampoo on your scalp, you’re also leaving the oils it’s absorbed. Oils also feed on a strain of fungus known as Malassezia, which can cause a red, scaly scalp condition called seborrheic dermatitis.

We are all about creating safe, healthy, and effective products that alleviate issues, not cause them. We also wanted to make sure that we included ingredients in Scalpfix™ that are naturally anti-microbial, such as Manuka oil, (fending off the bad bacteria and fungus) without stripping your scalp’s healthy microbiome. A microbiome, simply stated, is a community of microorganisms that exist in one habitat, like your gut, your skin—or your scalp. And an out-of-balance scalp microbiome can result in inhibited future hair growth, as well as strands that become increasingly dry, brittle and fragile.

Dry shampoo and the potential link to disease: Some commercial dry shampoos contain talc. Talc is a mineral that, in its natural state, can contain particles of asbestos, a known carcinogen. Today, talcum powders made for cosmetic use in the United States are not allowed to have asbestos in them. Recently, concerns have emerged about a possible link between asbestos-free talcum powder and ovarian cancer. Research has focused on talc in products intended to be used in the genital area. There’s no known risk of cancer from dry shampoos that contain talc, but the American Cancer Society encourages people who are concerned about the risk of cancer to avoid using the products until more research has been done.

We are shocked and frankly disgusted that manufacturers still use talc in their products. This isn’t just an issue with many dry shampoos, but also an ingredient that we see frequently in cosmetics. This is an example of companies putting their wallets over your health…talc is a cheap ingredient and an effective oil absorber.  There is enough research that shows a potential link between talcum powder and cancer that it simply isn’t worth the potential risk…there are plenty of alternatives. 

Can dry shampoo cause hair loss or stunt growth? There isn’t any research that indicates dry shampoo directly causes hair loss. However, studies do show that poor scalp health can cause hair loss. When hair emerges from a follicle that’s been damaged by a bacterial or fungal infection, the hair fiber isn’t anchored firmly inside the follicle. The new hair is more likely to fall out.

Scalpfix™ contains only organic and naturally derived vegan ingredients, including rosemary and peppermint, which have been shown in studies to actually stimulate hair growth!

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Made with certified organic and naturally derived vegan Ingredients: rosemary floral water, peppermint hydrosol, *witch hazel, *manuka oil, *rosemary oil, *peppermint oil

We make our rosemary floral water by hand, as we couldn't find a source that did it just right (using the actual plant vs. just essential oil). We partnered with a small US female-owned apathocary, who makes our peppermint hydrosol by hand (and has been expertly doing so for 20+ years). 


Shake well before using. To use in place of dry shampoo, spray on your scalp and/or throughout hair for a full refresh; quickly blow dry at the roots for 30 seconds or until dry. To soothe scalp irritation, spray directly on affected area(s). Scalpfix™ can also be used as a facial toner and/or make-up setting spray. Store in a cool, dry place.

All Carter + Jane products are certified vegan and cruelty free...always tested on people...never animals. 

Customer Reviews

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It really works!

I use it instead of dry shampoo now, and like it much better. I just spritz it on the roots and let it dry!


Doesn’t make my hair look greasy at all and is basically THE perfect thing to spray on freshly washed bangs. It works.