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24 organic aromas, 24 stories, 24 works of love...the Carter + Jane 24 Scent Journey Blockbuster! Each 5 mL organic aroma (individually packaged in a white satin pouch) has an MSRP of $28, but for a limited-time we are offering all 24 aromas for just $148 for a total MSRP of $672 (SAVINGS OF $524)! This stunning set is truly the best value we've ever offered and the perfect gift(s) for anyone in your life (including yourself)!

We know how important aroma is in helping us remember stories from our past, connecting us to nature, making us feel at home wherever we are, and helping us feel connected to something bigger than ourselves. 

Yet most of us wear toxic perfumes that can cause allergies and even endocrine issues...these fragrances are even masking our own ability to literally stop and smell the roses...

Our mission at Carter + Jane is to create products that never harm people, the planet or animals. We are proud of the work that we've done (and will continue to do) in skin care and from the work we've developed a deep understanding of organic essential oils. We've blended our passion for skin care, with our love of natural aromas, into our beautiful scent journeys! 

This AMAZING, luxurious gift set includes all 24 full-size (5 mL) bottles:

+ Ambrosia's Symphony 
+ Angelic Clementine
+ Beach House
Cashmere Fir
+ Coffee House
Glistening Snow 
+ Holiday House
+ Honeysuckle Reserve
+ Island Girl
+ Lavender Chai  
+ Lilac Snow
+ Neroli No 18
+ Palmarosa Pear
+ Pour Homme
+ Ski House
+ Spa Retreat
+ Surfer Girl
+ Sweet Cocoa
+ The Equestrian 
+ The Penthouse
+ Tri-Dosha
+ Tuberose Vanilla 
+ Tuscan Orris
+ Violet Narcissus 

Apply to your pulse points any time you need a pick-me-up. In several of our formulas, you may see sediment at the bottom. This is normal as we only use organic ingredients; shake as needed.


"Angelic Clementine takes you on a journey to a house in the country on a warm summer’s day. You are sitting on the front porch swing and peeling a clementine. You close your eyes, feel the sunshine and summer breeze on your skin, hear children laughing, running through sprinklers, with dreamsicles in hand, and you are overwhelmed with a feeling of pure joy…"

"Ambrosia's Symphony takes you on a journey to the perfect Spring day. You claim your reading spot under a lemon tree, where the air is crisp, and the breeze carries the nearby garden's floral aroma with just a hint of spice that you can't quite place. Your senses are amplified as the aroma awakens you...clears your mind...opens your heart..."

"Beach House takes you on a journey back to a place where your most cherished memories were created…the Beach House. The minute you arrive, you take off running out the door then through the sand, as fast as you can, until the water tickles your toes! And when the sun starts to go down, you walk back, covered in a mixture of sand, sea and lotion. Before entering through the old screen door, you pause…taking it all in, so you never forget this feeling of serenity…"

Cashmere Fir“Wrap yourself in the sensuous aroma of creamy, luxuriously soft cashmere, expertly blended with the aromatic, fresh scent of Balsam, Douglas and Siberian firs, for a stunning, subtle aroma story you won’t want to spend the winter without.”

Coffee House - "The coffeehouse culture in the '90s was as much about a thirst for community as it was for coffee. People coming in were buying more than a cup of coffee and scone…they came for a pleasant place to watch others, to read the newspaper or their latest book, to connect with friends and to feel like they were part of the life around them. And of course, to experience the wonderful gourmet aroma…a mix of coffee, vanilla, leather from the well-worn chairs and musk from the books…simply magnificent..."

Glistening Snow - You wake up and look out your window…at long last…it snowed! You take a moment to relish in the sparkling majestic first snow of the season! You step outdoors to fully experience the crisp, naturally fresh scent of the glistening white fluffy snow for yourself… you immediately feel an overwhelming sense of renewal and excitement for all that lies ahead!”

Holiday House - “From cozy gatherings by the artfully decorated fireplace and tree, to the warm smell of cookies baking in the oven, this house practically glows with magic of holiday traditions in every corner.” 

Honeysuckle Reserve - “Wrap yourself in the sensuous aroma of creamy, luxuriously soft cashmere, expertly blended with the aromatic, fresh scent of Balsam, Douglas and Siberian firs, for a stunning, subtle aroma story you won’t want to spend the winter without.”

Island Girl - "You throw your hair up in a bun and hop on your Vespa. As you ride around the island you inhale the spellbinding tropical aroma...plumeria, gardenia, jasmine, ginger lily...distinctively Hawaii. You make your daily stop for your beach therapy to listen to the crash of the waves while the water kisses your not-so-perfectly polished toes...and take a moment to express gratitude for the beauty that surrounds you...Mahalo..."

"Lavender Chai takes you on a journey home…to a place where the minute you walk in the door, you are overcome with a sense of peace and a place where you dance like nobody's watching...curl up on the couch with a warm cup of Chai or enjoy a glass of bubbly because it’s five o’clock somewhere...completely free to just be you…"

Lilac Snow - "For one brief moment in time, the lilac is blooming, an exhilarating burst of vitality and an almost overwhelming aromatic experience. Just as quickly, that moment is gone, leaving only a fragrant trace in our memory. But as the snow falls…the lilac thrives…she sheds her façade and reveals her truth…the love story begins…"

Neroli No 18 - "Neroli № 18 takes you on a  journey inside Carter + Jane…to the aroma where it all began. It took us 267 attempts to get this one right…but once we did, we knew we created something special! We had a very specific place in Morocco that inspired this aroma, that we accidentally found while driving in the countryside. We saw a sign to an orange “farm” and restaurant…we  knew we had to stop….and as soon as we did, we knew we had to bottle that unforgettable aroma that floated through the warm Moroccan air..."

Palmarosa Pear - “An enchanting blend of the soft, rosy palmarosa sprinkled with our organically crafted winter pear accord…crisp + clean meets soft + sexy for a delightful aromatic journey!” 

Pour Homme - "To create the perfect aroma blend we thought about the qualities that made us fall in love with our guys and translated those qualities into the Pour Homme aromatic blend. We translated his strength into earthy, leather, and smoky notes, achieved with a combination of Australian sandalwood, vetiver and sacred frankincense. His rugged side is represented using woodsy and sweet-spicy notes from atlas cedarwood and ho-wood. His sexy side is captured with the musky notes of patchouli and warmth of vanilla conveys his softer side...made with love pour homme."

Ski House - "Fresh cypress falls on curls of sandalwood and cedarwood, bringing you back to Aspen. The smell of snow is achieved from sacred frankincense...mimicking the aroma of the slopes. Smoky leather notes from rare tonka bean, the tranquility of patchouli, and comforting nuances of vanilla, all take you inside the ski house…curling up on the old leather chair...warming up by the crackling fire…"

Spa Retreat - "Immediately upon entering, you take a deep breath as the aroma calms you. You slip into your robe, sip on a cup of herbal tea and prepare to be pampered. Your worries seem to magically disappear, at least for a few hours, as you finally allow your body to relax and your mind to rest. And anytime you smell that "spa" aroma you are instantly reminded of that feeling of pure relaxation, a quiet mind, a content heart..."

Surfer Girl - "She who dances with the waves. All your worries are literally washed away as you focus on nothing but the ride…the feeling of being one with the water and the earth. And even when the surf is flat, the ocean aroma remains with you…reminding you to just breathe and enjoy the ultimate ride we call life."

"Sweet Cocoa takes you on a journey to Paris…as you stroll down the cobblestone road, a breeze hits you in just the right way and you inhale the most heavenly mixture of sweet goodness that you’ve ever follow the scent to the tiny corner shop where you are treated to decadent sampling of that goodness…chocolate will never be same…"

"The Equestrian is a refined composition of a true horse lover's experience. Hay Absolute captures the smell of sweet hay warmed by sunlight on a crisp autumn day at the barn. Nagarmotha mixed with cedarwood creates the perfect leather accord reminiscent of freshly oiled saddles and bridles. Oakmoss, cassie and jasmine capture the green pastures, sprinkled with wildflowers. And ambrette, expertly woven with vanilla, captures the musky warmth every equestrian understands..."

The Penthouse - "Revel in the peaceful quiet and stunning panoramic view, amidst the chaos of the city. The luxurious aroma is especially enticing...the citrus zest of Japanese yuzu mixed with just a touch of pink peppercorn spice, sensual musky notes labdanum and amyris all woven with the warmth of Tahitian vanilla....effervescent, sensual, exquisite...the penthouse."

Tri-Dosha  -  "Recorded more than 5,000 years ago in Sanskrit, Ayurveda is still celebrated today as a leading natural and holistic approach to health and beauty, with the goal to restore balance to the body, mind, and spirit. The Everything Oil™ Tri-Dosha incorporates traditional Ayurvedic herb extracts and oils to restore balance and glow to your skin while providing a calming and soothing effect on your overall well-being. This luxury formula is suited for all Doshas (your Ayurveda type/life force)."

Tuberose Vanilla - "In Victorian times, tuberose symbolized ‘dangerous pleasure’ and voluptuousness. In different parts of the world, tuberose is known for its aphrodisiac powers. In complete contrast, there's vanilla. Vanilla doesn’t just smell warm, sweet, and delectably comforting, its aroma brings us back to a time of innocence. Tuberose and vanilla represent the two sides that so many of us have...the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other. It's truly a tale as old as time. So... we decided to combine the two most contrasting aromas we could find...and the result? Pure and utter magic..."

Tuscan Orris - "A scent with few natural analogues, orris is exceedingly rare, It's been a sought out ingredient in fine perfumery for centuries, speaking to its enduring appeal. This powdery sensuous aroma weaves a blend of ethereal Tuscan orris, rose otto and jasmine, with the citrus notes of yuzu and grapefruit, earthy notes of cedarwood and patchouli and the grounding warmth of labanum and vanilla, perfect for the unassuming yet confident wearer."

Violet Narcissus "Violet, an ethereal aroma of both green, herbaceous notes as well as light floral ones, is combined with the legendary white flowers of the Narcissus poeticus, associated with the Greek legend of Narcissus, to create this very rare, captivating aroma which can almost make you understand how the legendary beauty fell in love with his own reflection…."

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