Summer Staycation Bundle

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We are offering our Summer Staycation Bundle for $78 which is $48 savings, nearly 40% off! With all of the stress happening in our world today, we wanted to make it a little easier for you to take some time and just take care of you! The bundle consists of: The Everything Oil™ Body (with our signature Neroli No. 18 aroma), Our newest product, The Everything Oil™ Cleanser (Neroli No.18 Aroma) and our award-winning PickFix™!

The Everything Oil™ Body (Neroli No.18 Aroma) is a revolutionary skin care product that replaces the need to use body moisturizers, serums, cellulite creams and even fragrance. You can also use it as a hair oil to add a glossy shine! Our body oil uses all of the same ingredients as the original TEO, but adds in Baobab and Moringa seed oil, known for their amazing healing properties, as well as a beautiful mix of organic essentials oil. This body oil replaces body moisturizers, serums, cellulite creams and even fragrance. And the smell…something dreams are made of…

The Everything Oil™ Cleanser (Neroli No.18 Aroma) is based on the principle that ‘like dissolves like’; our organic, plant-based cleansing oil will dissolve excess oil, dirt and make-up, while still nurturing the skin and balancing the production of your own natural oil. The Everything Oil™ Neroli № 18 Cleanser uses The Everything Oil™ in the base formula, along with organic sesame seed oil, organic castor bean oil and organic morninga seed oil, to provide a comprehensive cleansing and nourishing experience. Our cleanser also features our blend of essential oil antioxidant powerhouses, sweet orange + neroli + bergamot + ylang ylang + frankincense, which is as pleasing to your senses as it is to your skin! Our multi-purpose cleanser can also be used as a shaving oil.

PickFix™ is formulated with certified-organic, cold-pressed pomegranate seed oil (one of the highest sources of vitamin e in a plant oil), along with our award-winning The Everything Oil™ (organic prickly pear seed oil + A3 Concentrate). Coupled with the power of organic roman chamomile, lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus essential oils, PickFix™ is your new go-to emergency skin fix. These proven healing ingredients, with an exceptionally high percent of vitamin e, may help with speeding up the healing process and in scar reduction.