12 mL + AC Body Bundle

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Experience the best of our Angelic Clementine collection for just $82 (MSRP)! Our 12 ml size of The Everything Oil™ Angelic Clementine (MSRP $58) and The Everything Oil™ Angelic Clementine Body (MSRP $52) are customer favorites because "it smells angelic and works like a dream!" 

"Angelic Clementine takes you on a journey to a house in the country on a warm summer’s day. You are sitting on the front porch swing and peeling a clementine. You close your eyes, feel the sunshine and summer breeze on your skin, hear children laughing, running through sprinklers, with dreamsicles in hand, and you are overwhelmed with a feeling of pure joy…"

The Everything Oil™ Angelic Clementine is a revolutionary skincare product that replaces all other products in your skincare routine (use as your eye, face, lip, neck & décolletage serum and moisturizer, both day & night).

The Everything Oil™ Angelic Clementine Body is a revolutionary skin care product that replaces the need to use body moisturizers, serums, cellulite creams and even fragrance. You can also use it as a hair oil to add a glossy shine! Our body oil uses all of the same ingredients as the original TEO, but adds in Baobab and Moringa seed oil, known for their amazing healing properties, as well as a beautiful mix of organic essentials oil.